Yaapee Royal Foods, we are the all natural, all hygienic and purely African food Production and Packaging Company. We believe that we are what we eat.

In order to create significant value for our shareholders and stakeholders, we focus our energy and resources on unlocking the power of food to improve the lives of our customers.   


Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve our customers wholesome, Nutritious and healthy food products.

Our Vison

Our Vision is to be a globally known brand with our product in the international market.

Why our partners love us?

In order to achieve our purpose: to unlock the power of food to make people’s lives better today and in the future, we believe that Creating Shared Value is at the heart of our approach

Our business model is based on making decisions that are not just good for our shareholders and us, but also for society and the planet.

Hence, the quality of our products, packaging, consistency in supply and affordability.

Our strategic Focus.

Both locally and internationally, people are either not getting enough food or the right quality.

It is important to us as food producers to make better nutrition accessible to people while inspiring them to explore and enjoy more and more health-sustaining foods. We aim to make safe, tasty and sustainable products that are nutritious, accessible and affordable to the local consumers whiles penetrating the international market.

Products Distribution channels

For efficient and timely distribution of our products, we make use of online mediums, retail shops and our experienced delivery personnel

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